Young Dragons

Who Are The Young Dragons?

The Young Dragons  are  a competitive hip hop crew for dancers aged 7 to 12 who are serious about training and performing. The crew is under the direction of Ms. Anabel Ho and Ms. Jenny Duffy.

What Training Will Dancers Receive?

In their weekly crew rehearsal, the dancers will train with members of the VAD Faculty  and Guest Teachers on various foundation techniques including: Waving, popping, locking, and gliding. They will learn repertoire choreography which will utilize both old school and new school/commercial hip hop styles. Asian fusion styles such as Kung Fu Hip Hop and K-POP will also be explored.

We strongly recommend that crew members take breakdancing to supplement their training regimen. Especially driven students may also wish to obtain private lessons. Personalized training programs can be discussed with the Directors of the Crew.

Will There Be Performance Opportunities?

The Young Dragons hip hop crew will be invited to participate in many community performances and events throughout the lower mainland. The crew will also participate in regional dance competitions during the year. Extra rehearsals may be required to prepare for these performances and competitions.


How Can I Join?

Entrance into the program is by audition or invitation only. New students interested in joining may contact Ms. Jenny for a private audition and assessment at