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Benefits of Dance

The benefits of dance are numerous to say the least. Our students consistently tell us that they have gained this from their dance training:


  • physical fitness
  • confidence
  • discipline
  • self-motivation
  • personal growth
  • artistic expression
  • appreciation for art
  • a positive attitude


The B.C. Ministry has approved R.A.D. and I.S.T.D. ballet dance curriculums to be accredited courses in B.C. Secondary Schools. Students who have reached a certain level of study and who have successfully passed their dance examinations will be given fine arts credits towards their high school graduation.

BC Ministry of Education Dance Credits Information www.bced.gov.bc.ca/graduation

Why Choose Pre-School Dance?

Pre-schoolers need to fine-tune their gross motor skills so they can build muscle, spatial perception and co-ordination. Children at this age also require a minimum of 2 hours of exercise per day. Their muscles respond best to a variety of different movements, making dance a natural choice.


In VAD’s pre-school level classes, your child will be introduced to music analysis, which will help them identify patterns and count their numbers at an early age. They will also follow a set lesson plan, reinforcing the concept of structured recreation, which will aid in the transition to kindergarten. Students are also introduced to the concept of teamwork and mutual respect, helping develop their interpersonal skills.


As any parent knows, young children have endless reserves of energy, so why not let them burn it off in the dance studio?